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Dear users, please read the Privacy Policy in real earnest and make sure you comprehend our rules for handling your personal information. During reading, if you raise any questions, you may contact us via the contact information in Chapter X of the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any terms hereof, you shall stop accessing or using the website immediately. The Policy may be updated or revised from time to time according to different information processing circumstances. Please read, understand and accept the Policy and its supplementary provisions before submitting any personal or privacy information to the website. This Privacy Policy ("the Policy") applies to the information collected and used in the course of your using the website or our providing services for you. Please read carefully and understand the Policy before using the website or related services and submitting your personal data to us.

The Policy describes how we will process your personal data. By reading it, we hope that you understand the following:

· How the Service Collects and Uses Your Personal Date

· How the Service Uses Cookie and Similar Technologies

· How the Service Discloses Your Personal Date

· How the Service Accesses and Modifies Your Personal Date

· How the Service Protects and Stores Your Personal Date

· How the Service Processes Personal Data of Children

· Third party service providers and their services

· How Your Personal Data Is Transferred Globally

· Updates to This Policy

· How to Contact Us


1. How the Service Collects and Uses Your Personal Date

Personal data means any information that, either on its own or jointly with other information, can be used to identify a natural person. We will collect the personal data you provide to us when you create, modify or log in to your account on PERCENT Technology website, including your name, account number, password, email address and phone number you typed. Besides, when you use PERCENT Technology website, the system will generate some log information, including recording your IP address and date and time of your visit. During your use of the Service, we will use your personal data for the following purposes:

· Creating your account on PERCENT Technology website;

· Providing identity authentication for you to use other external services performed by PERCENT Technology;

· Managing and processing the authentication results for you, providing customer support, and locating and troubleshooting faults and failures;

· Contacting you and sending you important notices;

· Protecting the safety of our products and services;

· Conducting internal audits, data analyses and researches to improve our products and services.

· Complying with and enforce applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, relevant industry standards or our policies.

2. How the Service Uses Cookie and Similar Technologies

To ensure the website works properly, we may at times place a small piece of data known as a cookie on your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. The content of a cookie can be retrieved or read only by the server that creates the cookie. Each Cookie is unique to the browsers or mobile applications you use. The text in a cookie often consists of identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. By means of Cookies:

· The website may memorize each visit of a user (via session cookies) or multiple visits (via persistent cookies), and may simplify your repeated login steps, help you judge your login status, and ensure the security of your account or data;

· PERCENT Technology is able to save personal preference configurations, such as the language, font size and other browsing preferences of your computer or mobile device.

PERCENT Technology will not use such cookies for any purpose other than those described in the Policy. You can manage or delete cookies based on your own preferences. You can clear all cookies on your computer, however, if you do so, you may need to change the user settings every time you visit our website.

3. How the Service Discloses Your Personal Date

In the event that certain services are provided by the authorized partners of PERCENT Technology, PERCENT Technology will share your personal data with such partners as described in this Policy. We may share personal data with Percent affiliates.

PERCENT Technology may also disclose your personal data to relevant law enforcement or other governmental authorities when required by the applicable laws or in response to legal proceedings. PERCENT Technology may disclose your personal data to counter-parties if PERCENT Technology is involved in any reorganization, merger or bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings in some jurisdictions. PERCENT Technology may also disclose your data for any legitimate needs, such as for enforcing a contract and where we believe that disclosure is necessary and appropriate to prevent physical harm or property damage or to investigate possible or actual unlawful conduct.

4. How the Service Accesses and Modifies Your Personal Date

· You should ensure that all personal data you have submitted is accurate. PERCENT Technology endeavors to maintain the accuracy and integrity of personal data and to update such data in time.

· If required by applicable laws, you may (1) have the right to access certain personal data we hold about you; (2) request us to update or correct any inaccuracy in your personal data obtained by us; (3) refuse or restrict our use of your personal data; and (4) request us to delete your personal data. If you wish to exercise the relevant rights, please give feedback to us via sending an e-mail to To ensure the security, you may need to submit a written request. We will refuse to process any request that we have a reasonable basis to believe is fraudulent, unenforceable, or harmful to the privacy of others.

· To the extent permitted by law, you have the right to withdraw your consent, provided that such withdrawal will never impair the validity and effectiveness of our processing of your personal data based on your consent theretofore, nor will it affect our data processing based on other applicable legal basis.

· If you believe that we fail to process your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws, you may contact the statutory data protection authority.

5. How the Service Protects and Stores Your Personal Date

The security of personal data is important to PERCENT Technology. We use appropriate physical, management, and technical measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, damage, or loss. For example, we use cryptographic technologies for data confidentiality, protection mechanisms to prevent attacks, and access control mechanisms to permit only authorized access to your personal data. We also provide training on security and privacy protection for employees to raise their awareness of personal data protection. We are committed to protecting your personal data; however, please note that no security measure is perfect.

Nevertheless, we will never store your data for any purposes other than those defined herein.

We will process and store your personal data for the duration of the product service. After you log out of your account, or your account has been inactive for more than 5 years, your personal data will be deleted. However, we will still have the right to remain the:

· Personal data to be processed for security and audit purposes, such as PERCENT Technology account data, which will be kept for a maximum of three (3) years from the date when you log out of the account;

· Login logs collected to secure your data and services and improve service performance and quality, which will be kept for a maximum of six (6) months from the date of acquisition.

After the retention period expires, we will delete or anonymize your personal data, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.

6. How the Service Processes Personal Data of Children

Our products, websites and services are mainly intended for adults. A child must not create his/her own user account without the consent of a parent or guardian. If a child's personal data is collected with prior parental consent, we will only use or disclose the data as permitted by law, with the explicit consent of the child's parents or guardians, or when necessary for the protection of the child. PERCENT Technology will try to as soon as possible delete the relevant data if we find out that we have collected any personal data of a child without obtaining the prior consent of his/her verifiable parents.

7. Third party service providers and their services

To ensure the smoothness of web browser, you may receive content or web links from third parties cooperating with PERCENT Technology and its partners (hereinafter referred to as "third parties"). PERCENT Technology has no control over such third parties. You may choose whether to access the links, contents, products and services provided by third parties.

PERCENT Technology has no control over the privacy and data protection statement of third parties who are not bound by this Policy. Please refer to the privacy protection statement of these third parties before submitting personal data to third parties.

8. Updates to This Policy

We may revise and update this Policy from time to time. If there is any material change involved, we will use every available channel and method to provide prominent notice, and will endeavor to notify you of any changes. You are encouraged to read this Policy anytime to learn about the latest changes.

9. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions on the contents of this Policy, please contact us at

Where PERCENT Technology disposes of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the entity PERCENT Technology that responds to your request, contacts you, provides you with products or services, or enters into or is about to enter into a contract with you, is the controller of the relevant personal data. Contact information for each PERCENT Technology entity can be found at the following link:


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