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Big Data + AI Driving Intelligent Revolution

Big Data + AI Driving Intelligent Revolution


Digital City

Create a "city brain" with data intelligence, drive the construction of a new digital city with data elements, and improve city governance capability. Learn more

Emergency Management

Create a "smart emergency brain", and provide support for scientific decisions in all stages of emergency management. Learn more

Public Security

Empowers police analysis and decision making, and promotes the transition from traditional police to smart police. Learn more

Ecological Environment

Data intelligence makes the ecological environment governance more efficient. Learn more

Industrial Internet

Help industrial enterprises improve operational efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation process. Learn more

Retail FMCG

Efficiently integrate online and offline user data, comprehensively control channels and users, and improve marketing and operational efficiency. Learn more

Media Publishing

Provide intelligent support for all links of media publishing, which effectively improves the media publishing business and operating effectiveness. Learn more

Real Estate

Deeply analyze the operating conditions of users and enterprises, establish a data capitalization operation system, and use data to drive operating decision of enterprises. Learn more